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Plastic processing service

Engineering plastics have excellent comprehensive properties, high rigidity, low creep, high mechanical strength, good heat resistance, and good electrical insulation. They can be used for a long time in relatively female chemical and physical environments, and can replace metals as engineering structural materials.
Engineering plastics can be divided into general engineering plastics and special engineering plastics. The main varieties of the former are polyamide, polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene, modified polyphenylene ether and thermoplastic polyester five general-purpose engineering plastics; the latter mainly refers to engineering plastics with heat resistance above 150 °C. Polyphenylene sulfide, polysulfone, aromatic polyamide, polyarylate, polyphenylene ester, polyaryletherketone, liquid crystal polymer, fluororesin, etc.


There are many grades of engineering plastics in the market, the common grades are as follows

Common Plastic milling

The following is a picture of the sample we have processed before:

Engineering plastics are as important as aluminum, iron, stainless steel, and copper, and are widely used in the field of construction machinery. In terms of mechanical processing, we have accumulated rich experience in processing parts with various materials, which can better meet customers' requirements for processing parts in the selection of various materials.

K-TEK specializes in machining various precision machinery parts, which can becustomized according to customers’ drawings or samples. The company has more than 10 years of precision machining experience, relying on ISO9001:2015 quality management system, strict qualitycontrol to provide customers with OEM/ODM services, product processing accuracy can be controlled within ±0.002MM, surface roughness (√) control in Ra0.4. We mainly focus on a variety of precision partscustomized processing, focusing on a variety of small batch production, while the number of products iscompletely without any requirements, one can also be processed, which is our competitive advantage! Please provide the drawing (PDF, CAD) and quantity to us, we will give you a quotation within 12 hours.

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K-TEK provides precision milling and turning parts services, providing professional machining services at competitive prices and timely delivery. With our strong machining capacity, the production of precision parts can meet the requirements of various equipment parts, products cover a variety of mechanical equipment, automation equipment, fixture and other industries.

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