Copper processing service–focusing on a variety of small batch production

Copper processing service

Copper is one of the first metals discovered by man, and one of the better pure metals. It has the following characteristics: slightly hard, extremely tough, wear-resistant, good ductility, good thermal and electrical conductivity ,at the same time, the copper alloy has good corrosion resistance, is stable in dry air, durable and can be regenerated. Therefore, the excellent comprehensive properties of copper and copper alloy processing materials have been widely good evaluated in the fields of electronics, machinery manufacturing, communications, automobiles, instrumentation, and military industries.

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K-TEK has all kinds of mechanical processing equipment, excellent engineering team and production team, specializing in customized parts with copper, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, engineering plastics, etc.

K-TEK has passed ISO9001: 2015 certification and has a complete quality management system to ensure that the quality of our parts is stable and reliable.

Copper is an aggregate composed of fossils or oxides and other minerals. Different proportions of each component will produce different grades of copper structures with different performance characteristics. To improve product performance, surface treatments can also be used to enhance corrosion resistance, wear resistance or aesthetics. Common grades and surface treatment are as follows. Engineers can make corresponding choices according to their needs.

Common Copper & Surface treatment
Copper T2、TU1/2、TP1/2、、Brass、Copper、Bronze、CuZn38Sn1、CuZn39Pb3、CuSn12、CuSn8P、C-360
HPb61-1、QSn7-02、C-954/514QAI 10-4-4、AMPCOM4、H59、H62、CuZN30、CuSn37,etc.
Surface treatment Electroless Nickel、Silver\Golden plating、Passivated、Cu-alloy anodizing black,etc.

Copper Processing Services

● CNC copper Turning、copper Turning
● CNC copper Milling、copper Milling
● Copper turn-milling machining

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K-TEK provides precision milling and turning parts services, providing professional machining services at competitive prices and timely delivery. With our strong machining capacity, the production of precision parts can meet the requirements of various equipment parts, products cover a variety of mechanical equipment, automation equipment, fixture and other industries.

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